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Niños jugando con lego


Niños en la guardería
Niño levantando la mano

Innovation and responsibility

Our methodological line is based above all on facilitating the learning of our students through meaningful learning, a global approach and play as a socializing principle. We have a clearly constructivist vision, where the child is the protagonist of their learning.

quality child care

Therefore, based on this idea, our task is to provide resources and energize processes, with an open and flexible attitude, in permanent training and teamwork, to offer children confidence and educational coherence, valuing everyone's abilities. and each one of them and of them.


The needs of the child and their level of development, their sociocultural context, individual differences are always taken into account, as well as the relationship with the adult as a point of reference, which provides them with the necessary emotional security and supports the progressive expansion of his relational world.

Tarjetas del alfabeto

A step forward

At school, activities are related to the lives of children and are meaningful and functional, full of meaning in themselves. They are delimited in terms of time and action, creating rhythms that are repeated regularly throughout the day and week (routines). This fact provides the little ones with security and confidence, since it allows them to anticipate and provide what will happen next.


Following the same line, all the proposals offer students an active process of building their knowledge, research, manipulation and exploration, which encourages curiosity, research, initiative and reflection.

Niños jugando en la guardería.

unique and valuable education

Well, our work is based on carrying out methodologies based on play and manipulation, which are active and innovative, such as: artistic installations, manipulative experiences, workshops, game corners, ABN mathematics, project work, learning proposals. Taking into account the different learning styles, thanks to the implementation of the aforementioned methodologies, we reach and adapt to all children. The daily life of the center is considered the organizing axis of the educational action, satisfying the vital needs of these ages, within an environment (spaces, times, materials, relationships...) rich and stimulating, which invites them to develop their capacities for learning. act and discover the world that surrounds them, gradually achieving greater levels of autonomy and independence with respect to adults.


The entire teaching team that belongs to CEI.Popeye believes that early childhood education is a shared job, so the participation of families in our day-to-day life is very important to us.

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